Houston Llew
Jul 16, 2019

"Apollo" Giveaway + Celebrating NASA's 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

Today, we launch the official 50th anniversary of the world's first moon landing. It's a great time to get a little nostalgic, to ask yourself: "Where was I when we landed on the moon?" And if you weren't born yet, to acknowledge the stories of those who witnessed the landing's broadcast, and the famous words: "One small step for man, one giant leap for humanity." No matter how you bear witness to its historical significance, the technological discoveries we as a society made as a result of this ambitious project are now part of our everyday. Things like CAT scanners, home insulation, and water filtration are a result of aiming to land humans on the moon and bring them safely home. This is huge! Imagine what our world would be like without these technologies that seem commonplace now?

While we spend this week in honor of the seminal first moon landing, we celebrate the progress we've made in the name of science and technology over the past half century. What better way to celebrate than to hold an online giveaway on social media - ha! From now until Sunday, July 21st, you can enter both giveaways hosted on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win an Apollo Spiritile!

To learn more about the celebrations hosted in honor of NASA's 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, visit here. On July 19th, log onto NASA's livestream of the anniversary's event across the country!